Tuesday 20 September 2011

100 days to Christmas | photo memories

I didn't take many photos last Christmas. In fact, the whole season was wet, and the day was so stressful that I didn't share it here on my blog. But there's one photo that's more important to take than any other.

A group photo of the kids.
It isn't the easiest photo in the world to take - as you can see, Nat is being silly, Riley isn't even looking, but last year the kids started asking in November when I was going to take the "Santa hat" photo. And that's a Christmas memory.

Just in the space of one year there's huge changes in our family.

Go back another year (aside from the fact that I was finally learning to use photoshop, and it's not really a group photo), Riley wasn't even thought of in 2008, and the big kids still had beautiful smiles.

Do you take annual group photos of your family or children?

 {I forgot to hit publish on this post last night. I have allowed myself mistakes, so I'm just continuing as if nothing is amiss}


  1. Oh, Cate, these are such cute photos to look back on.

    I feel like I haven't been to your blog in FOREVER. I LOVE your header photo - the kids are all getting so grown up, aren't they?

  2. I love the one from this past year...it's so natural! We do take pics of the boys every year and on Christmas Eve after services we all sit in front of the tree and video us saying Merry Christmas, the year ie 2002, from the Edwards. That whole videoing process is so funny it brings us to tears.

  3. Oh what a great annual photo! I took way to many photos during our extended family get together last year and it took forever to process them and decide what to print, but there were a few gems in there.

  4. I LOVE your Santa Hat pics...I try to remember to take 'opening the present' pics, but sometimes it just doesn't happen!
    alison xx

  5. These are SO cute! I love the idea of a similar yearly picture of all the kids - so fun to see how they've grown even in just a year!


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