Tuesday 20 September 2011

100 days to Christmas | breakfast traditions

Chloe was about 4 when she started spending alternate Christmases with her dad. That was about the time we started doing double-Christmases, and to give her something to look forward to she helped me plan our first menu. She chose buttermilk hotcakes with blueberry sauce, and it's something that we've eaten for Christmas breakfast every year since.

{this is the only photo I have in five years of scrapbooking of our annual Christmas breakfast}

Last year was the first time Steve actually said "I don't really enjoy Christmas breakfast", and Natalie and Riley don't eat pancakes ever, so this year I think I need to expand the breakfast menu to include eggs of some sort. And remember to take a photo!

Do you start your day with a special meal?



  1. I always make country ham biscuits for Christmas morning, doesn't pull me away from the guys for too long and is just the right amount. We have a huge lunch at my parents so need lots of stomach space for that meal :)

  2. We don't do a big breakfast as we like to fill up at lunch.
    BUT I MUST have ham on toast for christmas breakfast. My dad, eldest brother and I had it every year growing up and still have to have it now


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