Monday 31 October 2011

100 days to Christmas | numbers in October

linking up to Julie's Month in Numbers

Number of blog posts about Christmas in October - 18

Number of photos taken in Melbourne - 400 on iPhone, 300 on camera

Number of times the big girl has been cranky - too many to count

Number of online scrapbooking classes started/finished/attending - 5

Number of airplane trips in October - 2

Number of layouts created - 6

Number of days until Christmas - 55


  1. Hi Cate - thanks for joining in for the first time with your month in numbers!

    I've added a link to you in the original post:

    Happy countdown-to-Christmas!

    Julie :-)

  2. The cranky photo made me smile I have one that's often like that. Great post.

  3. I can't believe it's only 55 days away! YIKES - gotta get moving on those handmade gifts.

  4. Yay you went to Melbourne Zoo! Love that place, it's great fun :)

  5. It was fun to read your Month in Numbers! I love the "too many to count" one! :)


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