Monday 3 October 2011

100 days to Christmas | showcasing Christmas photos

 Today's guest post is from Melissa, who blogs at Daily Life - Bits & Pieces

In today’s digital age, so many times photos get “stored” away on our computer’s hard drive and no one gets to view and enjoy them. Today I’m going to reveal three ways you can share and enjoy your photos and memories of past Christmases.

1. I keep family photos on our mantel year round, and last year I decided to replace them all with Christmas photos during the holiday season (for me this means the day after Thanksgiving to the day after New Year’s). I pulled out photos from past Christmases and photos taken with Santa Claus over the years (one is of me & my sister when I was around 4-years-old!). I used extra fames I had stored in a closet and created a display of holiday photos.

2. I also pulled out the few scrapbooks I have that are specifically Christmas ones – 2001 Photo Album, Santa’s Day Out 8 ½ x 11 scrapbook, 2009 December Daily – and put those on display where they could be easily picked up and browsed throughout the holiday season.

3. We have a digital photo frame in our living room where I typically have the past several months of photos playing throughout the day. I use a flash drive to easily change out the photos on this frame. Last year, I saved all the digital photos I had from Christmas holidays onto one flash drive and had that playing throughout the season. When we hosted our family get-together here, my nieces and nephews spent tons of time watching those photos of previous get-togethers, Christmas Day, holiday lights, parties and decorations.

This year when I pull out all my Christmas boxes and bins to begin decorating for the holidays, I will once again put framed photos on the mantel and Christmas scrapbooks out for easy browsing and start the holiday photos playing on the digital frame so we can enjoy and share photos and memories from previous years. If you have other ways of sharing and displaying photos during the holidays, please leave a comment to tell us about it. And I hope you’ll try one of these ideas this year!

Melissa lives and scraps in the great state of Texas. She is married to a wonderful Christian man who not only shares her beliefs but also totally supports her scrapbooking addiction and often surprises her with new items for her stash. She has scrapbooked most of her life, starting in elementary school putting memorabilia in a scrapbook her Mama started when she was born. She’s been using the new scrapbooking methods and supplies for the past 12 years and truly loves preserving memories in a way that is also an outlet for her creativity. She started blogging early in 2010 and shares many of her layouts and other scrappy projects online. You can find her at:

Thanks, Melissa, there's some great ideas that I might try out myself this year. I wonder if Steve would be upset if I asked him to build a mantle for Christmas? After all, it could be multi-purpose, somewhere to hang stockings, too!



  1. Nice post Melissa! I now have two Journal Your Christmas albums completed and I will be sure to get them out and display them this year. Maybe Santa will take a peek

  2. LOL Cat - good luck on getting that mantle built!! Thanks for the chance to join in on your 100 Days of Christmas posts!

  3. Love the idea of putting out christmas scrapbook albums.

  4. I ALWAYS wish I had a mantle at Christmas....and maybe Santa would bring me (early!) a digital photo frame...I LOVE that idea!!
    Alison xx

  5. Great ideas! I love dedicating the mantle and a digi frame to all Christmas photos. Such a great way to enjoy them all season long!


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