Tuesday 15 November 2011

100 days to Christmas | social media secret santa

I'm taking part in the Social Media Secret Santa over at Fat Mum Slim, and for the life of me, I can't remember what I wrote down that I wanted for Christmas.

Each year, gifts for me are usually things that I buy. I know, I made that stand earlier this year, but it didn't even last until Mothers Day. I got a foot spa (which is still in the box, never used), and I bought it myself.

That's why I love joining in with secret santas (or kris kringles, depending on your country of origin). Because then I get at least one gift that I haven't bought myself. And who doesn't love getting gifts in the mail?!

So, I thought it would be fun to put together a list with a few items on it, because I know that at some stage my assigned partner will be checking out my blog, and trying to find out more about me. And if they don't, my family will, so there's another chance I won't have to buy my own gifts!

Organisation is not my strong point any more. Once upon a time, I planned out my day down to the last fifteen minutes, but my little kids have other ideas, and I have spent the last five years in a frazzled mess of forgetting to pay bills on time, promising to do stuff with the kids and forgetting, not returning forms to school on time (which is particularly hard when you get three days notice and they require payment for something). I made a half-arsed attempt to change that this year, but I wasn't successful. I've been eyeing an OTi organiser since they first came out three years ago, and this year they introduced purple, so I think this will be making it's way into my handbag, even if Santa doesn't bring it!

Making a card organiser (and filling it with cards) is something that has been on my list for a few years now. In fact, I have the box (well, several different boxes, because I couldn't decide which one would be better), but it's never made it off the shelf to be filled with cards. This box from Kikki-K is ready to go.

Something totally special for me that no one else gets any benefit from? Earrings. Funky earrings, even. And you can't get much funkier (in Australia) than Epheriell.

What totally-just-for-you item is on your Christmas wishlist?


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  1. nothing at this point...love those earrings but doubt anyone looking at my list will order from overseas :/ I had a deadline of last Friday for a wishlist I have yet to create, at least your post reminded me ;)


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