Monday 21 November 2011

one little word | do

I know it's still a few weeks until the start of the new year. And I know DO was Lee's word in 2011. But I'm not taking her journey, I'm taking mine.

Because, despite all my promises to myself that I'm going to DO something, I have yet to follow through on just about everything this year. I think the last thing that I actually completed was layout-a-day in February.

My journey to wellness has not been successful, because I have let myself get away with every excuse. Even when I kicked my bloggy butt, I still let myself down!

In 2012 I am making a committment to myself to DO the things I set out to do. Between now and January 1st, I need to work out what areas I need to focus on, and come up with some clear ideas to help me achieve the result of DOing.

Will you have one word guiding your 2012?

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself itself takes a lot of DOING!
    Alison xx


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