Thursday 12 January 2012

thursday three | 3 things in 2012

Lisa at Life As We Know It Blog has started a new weekly linky. This week she asks "what three things are you looking forward to in 2012?"

Thing one

Last October, bookings opened for the Scrapbook Savvy Retreat. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with Steve, we decided that he could manage for a weekend in September without me (even if it is the weekend of our 6th wedding anniversary.) So I booked, paid my deposit, and started planning to head off to my very first scrapbooking retreat.

Then my local scrapbook shop became a butterfly, closing down and re-opening in a new location with a new name and a new idea - a scrapbooking retreat. Well, I love scrapping with this bunch of ladies! So a bit more to-ing and fro-ing with Steve, and I booked, paid my deposit, and convinced a friend to come with me to my very first scrapbooking retreat in April!

Thing two

Steve is turning fifty this year. Yes, for those playing along at home, that makes him older than me. He's always wanted to go on a cruise. So we started looking at cruise options within Australia (I've always thought if you were going to spend the money, then go big and head overseas, but when we saw how big, I changed my mind.)

We're looking at this cruise from Brisbane to Cairns. With a stop in Airlie Beach (hello family). And we're already planning our shore trip in Cairns. We want to go on the sky rail. I'm already planning the pages and/or mini album.

Thing three

This year is my twenty year high school reunion. I went to school in Victoria, which will mean a weekend away (maybe I can convince a grandma to come stay for a weekend and have a child free visit to Melbourne with Steve?). I've never made it to previous reunions, but always said twenty was a must.

What three things are you looking forward to in 2012?

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  1. Guess what Cate?! I'm going to the Savvy Delights retreat too, so we'll get to meet! That's a great list of things to be looking forward to. I never made it to my 20th anniversary...I just couldn't bring myself to go. Thanks for linking up to Thursday Three. Hoping you'll play along again. Cheers, Lis.


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