Monday 16 January 2012

back to school | baking

We're in back-to-school mode here - next Monday, January 23rd, sees Chloe starting year 9 (which is equivalent to freshman, I think), Douglas moves into grade 5, and Natalie begins her schooling journey in prep.

We've purchased her first pair of school shoes. And a new lunch box. And she's decided to use Chloe's old drink bottle. (Chloe has left us to live with her father again.)

And I've been baking, trying new recipes and filling the freezer. These orange cranberry muffins received mixed reviews from the kids - Riley liked them, Douglas threw his in the bin, Natalie ate the top half before disposing of hers. I think they're fantastic warmed up with a cup of tea.

These apple sultana muffins will definitely be made again. Just the right amount of cinnamon to make these absolutely awesome warmed up, and they freeze well for lunch boxes.

I also had a go at making muesli bars. The kids have yet to try them, but they smelled pretty yummy.

Do you have any favourite freezer lunch box recipes?

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  1. When I bake NOTHING makes it to the freezer...hence the reason I don't bake often!!
    Alison xx


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