Tuesday 17 January 2012

back to school | routines

I want Natalie to start her school journey with some good routines in place. Currently, on daycare days she does the things that need to be done, but the rest of the week we have little or no routine (or a slower than normal routine.) I think she will be surprised at how tiring the days are, and having a routine will help her keep calm.

The kids get up at 7am, and leave for school at 8-810am (first bell is 8.15am, but they only have to walk around the block, less than 5 minutes, to get to school, so leaving time is flexible-ish). Some days, it can take 30 minutes to eat breakfast and pack lunches, other days it can be completed in ten minutes. It depends on the child and the attitude on waking.

I've changed our afternoon routine from previous years. In previous years, the kids have had to complete homework and chores before afternoon tea, this year, we're trying afternoon tea before everything else.

Do you have a morning or afternoon routine, or do you make it up each day?


  1. I think routines are so important for kids - great job getting these set up as she starts her school journey.

    I have a morning routine for myself (which I'm getting back into now that the new year has started) to help me get my quiet time & exercise in early in the day.

  2. too many kids dont have routines, i think they are good..... i have a routine for my 6 yr old, and i stick to the routine even in school holidays

  3. Oh defintely routine all the way. It works. If I let it slip foe a couple of time, it always goes pear-shaped

  4. Routines are a-plenty here too ... and ALWAYS food before homework, even a free play before as well - seemed to work a lot better for us.


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