Sunday 8 January 2012

wellness | veggies in the backyard

Back in 2010, I intended to build a veggie patch. I've never been a gardener, often killing pots of herbs on my kitchen window sill (in fact, whenever I buy them, Steve asks "how long will the experiment last this time?")

But, in the time of healthier living, a pile of timber was quickly turned into a veggie patch.

Steve has been composting grass clippings, so we filled the bottom half with them.

Wetting the cardboard meant watering the kids, too.

This is where we are so far. Zucchini, cherry tomatoes, parsley, basil, marigolds and a "tea mix" of peppermint, lemon balm, chammomile and {something I can't quite remember, but smelled awesome}. Next weekend we'll top up the soil, and start planting.

Do you have a veggie patch?


  1. Look forward to regular updates on 'how long this experiment lasts'!

  2. I like everything you've planted, it's winter here so no veggie patch only composting. Last summer we did well with cucumbers, peppers, crookneck squash and tomatoes. I look forward to seeing pics of dishes prepared with your garden bounty.


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