Friday 24 February 2012

5 on friday | spontaneous plans

After reading a post at Home Life Simplified this morning, it occured to me that I'm really not a "fun mum", and we're not a "fun family" I'd like to say it was a suddenly occuring thought, but I've known for a long time that we don't "do" stuff, together or separately. I'd like to change that this year, and try to bring some regular-ish {well-planned-in-advance} spontaneity and fun into our lives. I'm thinking if I try five different things in March, that might be the little kick-up-the-bum we need to make things interesting a bit more regularly.

We hav already planned a camping trip for the end of the month, to the same place we went for New Years Eve.

{my, how young they are!}
A long time ago, we played games on Wednesday nights. We tried to bring it back last year, with not-much-luck, but I'd like to try a family games night again, maybe a Saturday night on the Wii.

After seeing a post on Ali Edward's blog in 2010, we started regularly taking full moon walks. But we stopped doing it in the middle of 2011 as it became "too hard", but I'd like to start doing it again. {Full moon is March 8th (a cub scout night), so we'll go for a walk on the 9th}

March is birthday month around here. I'd like to try new foods with the kids, and a great way to start is throw a birthday dinner party.

Surprise !
I think I'm going to ask the kids to come up with an idea of something we can do together,too. Sometimes, they have wild ideas, but sometimes thay can hit the nailon the head.

Will you be planning some fun in March?


  1. Fun is good. Maybe too much regularity is why you can't keep it up. YOu don't have to do it every Saturday - sometimes is just fine

  2. I was going to say something similar to Kirsty...sometimes it's better to do an 'altogether' thing every couple of weeks or so, especially when you have a range of ages!..enjoy though!
    Alison xx

  3. I agree with Kirsty and Alsion, and I also think that it is easy to think we are inadequate, when really, what we are doing is right for our own families! Having said that, it sounds like you have some great ideas already and a couple of good things planned - I hope you all enjoy them!


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