Wednesday 15 February 2012

birthday card club | are you in?

I loved the idea of the birthday card club when I first proposed it back in November (I never did post Christmas cards last year, more on that another time). There wasn't a lot of interest from people, but I did manage to get the one January card sent off (although it was late arriving in Spain, it was definately appreciated.) And I took the idea one step further, and added all my facebook friends (to my list, not the one I sent out to others) who had their birthdays visible on their profiles (and who's addresses I had already).

I bought a supply of pre-made cards, (because I'm not a big card maker, and if I added the pressure of hand making cards I probably wouldn't follow through, but you never know what will happen as the year goes on) and yesterday I checked my calendar and realised there's four birthdays this month! So I quickly wrote the cards out, discovered I had no stamps, and took photos. The cards will be making their way today to make some special people smile.

Are you interested in joining me? Email me


  1. I certainly appreciated mine Cate...I'm sure the others will too!
    Alison xx

  2. Every year I have great aspirations of being a good card sender and every year I disappoint myself. I know you'll be bringing lots of smiles, hopefully I at least improve my trach record over last year.

  3. Nice idea. I have trouble keeping up with family birthdays - can't add anyone to the list


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