Monday 13 February 2012

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I love reading weekend roundups on other blogs, and often find things I want to read again and remember. The links from this weekend were some of my favourites.


The Creative Mama shared a link to this post from Stacey Woods. I followed the links, and ended up reading this post from Tara Whitney (which summed how I was feeling), and this post from Hayley at Tiny Twig, which reminded me to stop trying to do it all. Hayley's follow-up post reminded me of those words I wrote back in 2009 - the things you love ARE the things that need to get done.

Nat started school a couple of weeks ago. Our school curriculm has changed this year to a national approach - all states teaching the same work to all children. But this doesn't sit well with me at the moment, and reading this post didn't ease my mind. (sorry, I didn't note where the link came from. Maybe Simple Mom, maybe Life... Your Way) I also downloaded the Creativity Matters book, and purchased the Parenting with Positive Guidance book.

Somewhere around the traps, I clicked on an add in a sidebar, and ended up at Simply Add Coffee. I love the idea of just inviting people over to spend time with them (I have never apologised for the mess, so that part I just glossed over). I seemed to always have visitors in the days before kids, but now not so much. (or maybe that is related to the whole lack-of-friends-thing)

You might have noticed I didn't share a layout yesterday. I was feeling a bit stumped for ideas (although I have mountains of inspiration in my cupboard), and exhausted, so I took the day off. This post shares that it is ok to stare at the sky sometimes.

Lastly, I was intrigued by this idea over at Journey to Bliss. I'm working on my post in response

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