Thursday 29 March 2012

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I've been trying to write this post for two days now. I want to write about having a daily creative practice.. And I found some amazing articles related to it (several just in my google reader), but the words keep escaping me.

See, daily creating hasn't become second-nature to me, like I want it to. Take today for example - I have sorted out my sewing tote, checked on my fabric stash, washed three loads of clothes, made two trips to the supermarket, and eaten ice cream, all in an attempt to avoid creating something or writing this blog post.

Maybe I need to change my definition of a creative practice. I mean, writing a blog post is a creative practice. Baking is a creative practice (oh, how I miss my oven). Scrapbooking and sewing are creative practices. Nope, seems my definiton for me is spot on.

So, what's stopping me? Is it the small child who crawls out of bed when he realises mum's not there (no matter what time that is)? Or the busy evenings of meals inhaled before racing out the door to lead scouts or attend a training meeting or a leaders meeting or a parents meeting? Or is it just that I'm not supposed to do it?

But if I'm not supposed to create, then why spark the passion? Why fill me with a love of paper and fabric and creating by hand?

Is it my juggling skills? Am I putting too much pressure on myself? Am I just making excuses?

Maybe I need to get mad at myself. When I got mad at myself yesterday, I hopped on my bike and rode two laps of the block. Doesn't seem like much, but it's more exercise than I have done in two months. And, children permitting, I'll do it again tonight after souts. (although tomorrow I'll mix it up with a walk on the treadmill in the afternoon - it's going to be a late night of meetings)

Maybe Deb's words really are true!



  1. I have been having similar problems with creativity. I can have a couple of days and create loads or have great ideas when I am nowhere near my creative space. But when I have time to sit and play (like I have this week), everything comes to a standstill and thats when I end up 'distracted'!

    Do you follow Ali Edwards? She has a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to '52 creative lifts' which I am finding really helpful at the moment (

    1. I have been getting that email every week, but the last two weeks I have been so busy, I haven't even read it! School holidays start tomorrow, and I have no scouts committments, so I can play with paper a few times. looking forward to it.

  2. You are FAR too hard on yourself Cate...while your children are small, other (often creative, certainly 'your' things) have to take second place..the fact that you find time to sit down and write at all, considering the busy life you lead, totally amazes and impresses me!
    Alison xx

  3. I do think you are too hard on yourself. I am sure you use your creativity with the scouts and in the daily living with children. Sometimes we need to actually schedule/designate time on the calendar for "our" time but sometimes we need to be gentle with ourselves and realize that the other things are a bit more important to us at that time.

  4. I'm lost without my creative time. That's my me time. Even if I am creating business stuff it's still creative to me. I have found for me that by setting my day up with a daily schedule of what needs to happen and try to do as much of that as I can in the morning, it usually leaves me some creative time in the afternoon and then again of the evening.
    But I am not running around of an evening with commitments either so that does make it easier for me.
    I live by the quote "If it's important, you will find a way; if not, then you will find excuses"
    Creating is very important for me so I find a way. Of course there are weeks where not much happens due to busy times or sick kidlets or whatever. But I find I actually get rather cranky if I don't get to sit and create, even if it's just to hook up a few flowers or a doily. And as we all know a happy mumma means a happy home, so I make sure that I work in that time for at least most days of the week.
    Also having a plan of what I want to do in that time helps.Day times are usually for papercrafting and nights for hooking. As I go about my daily round of things I am always thinking of what my next project will be. Then when I do get to sit for an hour and scrap or hook I can usually get straight into it as I already have a bit of a plan.
    HTH I do have a blog post about fitting craft into your day on my BDB blog if you are interested


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