Friday 11 May 2012

5 {things I'm packing for camping} on friday

We're off on a camping adventure this weekend. And today I'm procrastinating about packing. Because I'm taking photos instead of actually packing-into-boxes.

A pen, because I always think of something we should bring on our next trip.

Nail nippers, because I always break a nail.

Tools, because the one time we forgot them, we needed them.

Marshmallows and Milo, because the whole purpose of camping is to have an open fire to toast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate in front of.

A new beanie for mum, and gloves for the kids, because we think it's cold in our house in the mornings, but we know it will be even. colder. sleeping under canvas.

Do you go camping? What's on you must-have list?


  1. Good weather is top of my camping essentials list.

    1. I agree! The weather has been beautiful here for a couple of weeks now, clear skies, no clouds, sunshine!


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