Wednesday 9 May 2012

words on wednesday | way too busy

I'm overwhelmed by life at the moment. And I can't seem to find my groove.

Yes, I know I should give myself a break, because I get a lot done every day and every week. But it's overwhelming in it's constant-ness.

People want to eat food every day. Scout stuff needs to be done every day. Housework needs to be done every day.

I have to complete projects for And Sew We Craft, and for 100 days to Christmas (because you know it's only 230 days to Christmas, right?), and write scouts programs on my own.

And attend scouts training.

And run my household as well.

And I signed up for 31 Things, because I love the idea of getting some new stories and photos down on paper.

And I signed up for Cover to Cover, because, well, it's Shimelle. And my albums are a mess that don't make sense to me, let alone anyone else. And while that doesn't worry me, I want others to be able to understand my albums and love them as much as I do.

And I've been so busy DOing that I haven't even looked at the prompts from Move More Eat Well and One Little Word.

Since March.

But I gave up coke three weeks ago.

And I've lost 2kgs.

{I don't know if stream-of-consciousness writing works for me. But it's nice to get it out and get on with the day}


  1. Yay..2kg...think u sent that my way judging by the tightness of my jeans lol

    Think we always loose our groove at some point for a while. A reminder to re-evaluate I suppose...I still have yet to get mine going at a constant but nearly there!

    230 days till work collagues will not be happy now i can put a number to my constant 'nearly Christmas' lines :)

  2. WTG with the 2kg!..and 230 days till Christmas?-YAY! Breathe deeply and make sure you squeeze some YOU time in there Cate
    Alison xx


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