Sunday 20 May 2012

currently | 04

listening to a whiny, tired boy crying in my ear

wearing fluffy warm slippers

drinking water

thinking about ideas for blog posts this week

wishing the horrible lurgy that has invaded my body would disappear

reading sing me home by Jodie Picoult

eating steak and chips and eggs for dinner

wondering if I will ever find the perfect method for storing my brain

enjoying the smell of lavender in the house

feeling hungry and tired

wanting to have an early night

needing a haircut

weather sunny days and freezing nights

and a picture

My first driving adventure with a GPS guiding me. Also my last adventure.

Do you use a GPS?


  1. Hope the whining has stopped! I use GS when I'm driving in unfamiliar territory...would't be without it!
    Alison xx

  2. GPS is a blessing and a curse. It is handy but sometimes it makes me lazy and therefore dependent upon it. Still I wouldn't be without it either.


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