Friday 18 May 2012

5 {to-dos this weekend} on friday

I don't have a hugely busy weekend coming up, but there's a few things that I need to get through.

bread and butter pickles
Our scout group is holding a cake stall fundraiser at a community event next weekend, so amongst all the baking I'll be doing next week, I thought it might be interesting to try my hand at making pickles and jams and chutneys. Because I like putting myself under undue pressure. And people like the horrible stuff. (I'll make it, but I don't like it) So, cucumber-dependant, I'll be making jars of pickles on Sunday.

On Saturday, I have a whole day of leader training to attend for scouts. It was supposed to be a whole weekend activity (you can imagine how impressed husband was about that!), but branch has been unabe to get a leader to teach skills to my section (you can imagine how happy my committee is about that - I can't be a leader-in-charge until I've done this training!)

Next week's colour for And Sew We Craft is green, and I was inspired by yesterday's post to create a project for that. Just need to find the perfect fabric in my stash.

I've been reading each day's prompts for Cover to Cover, but I'd like to start putting some of my thoughts down on paper. I'm truly coming to understand how handy technology can be, because I'll use my iPad to do that while sitting in front of the tv at night.

Husband and I have been sucked in by Revenge and Game of Thrones. We have 3 episodes of Revenge and s6 episodes of Game of Thrones to watch, because we like to watch a chunk at a time, rather than wait each week. I think this weekend we'll spend a little bit of time watching Revenge.

What's on your to-do list this weekend?

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  1. As always, you're going to be busy Cate! I am having a 'cleaning' weekend, as I have a friend arriving on Monday,and I don't want her thinking I've turned into a TOTAL slob!
    Alison xx


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