Thursday 17 May 2012

can I borrow that idea?

Wednesday passed in a blur... of something... and my kid-free Thursday is close to doing the same! When I'm hanging in limbo, waiting for the next chunk of time to arrive, but I don't have quite enough time to actually start something before moving on, I like to zone out in front of pinterest. Some of my boards are stuffed so full they probably need thinning out and repinning to better explain them, but I do enjoy wandering through the pins to find something to inspire less pinterest, more do.

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I signed up for Kidding Around 3 at BPC last week. (yep, I know, 2012 was supposed to be the year of no classes. I remind myself of that every time I see a class that has me so inspired I madly rush out to sign up.) But this is purely selfless - I did it for the kids. I'll set them all up with journals for our summer holidays (in December), and set aside time each week to work on them.

But I know that our craft supplies are sorely lacking at home. So when I saw this link, with such a comprehensive list, it gave me a starting point to start collecting things for a craft trolley for school holidays (who knows, I might even be able to pull it off for our next holidays in June?!)

Source: via Cate on Pinterest

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I bought a big shot at the start of the year. And I recently purchased some butterfly dies. And these butterflies keep catching my eye, so I've got a plan.

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I have some bananas going nice and black in the fridge (have you ever frozen bananas? I didn't realise just how mushy they get when defrosted!), so when I get through next week's cakes tall fundraiser for scouts, this will be my very first baking-for-us cake to bake. Because it's banana. And chocolate.

What ideas are you borrowing this week?

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  1. Yum to the banana and chocolate cake...and I'm very impressed that you are already thinking ahead to December!!!
    Alison xx


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