Sunday 13 May 2012

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I haven't shared my retreat scrapping yet. Because. Well, I didn't get good feedback at the retreat. And I let that cloud my judgement of my own creations. Because, as my friend who went with me said "you judge yourself way too harshly. It's good work."

This layout was for the Friday night class. Now, if you've been around these parts for awhile, you can tell that this isn't the sort of layout I would usually do. There's crackle medium, and distressing, and flowers. And I love the layout. And I remember how much fun I used to have with flowers and ink and paint and chipboard. But after four hours, I'd had enough. And now I can say I had a go at something out of my comfort zone.

Another class on Saturday morning. A paper-piecing, again out of my comfort zone. Another four hours to complete (I just need to grab some group photos from the shop, and of my friend and I, and get them printed.)

This layout was for a sketch challenge designed by Amanda. It was a peer-voted challenge, and when the shop organiser was busy, I counted the votes. And my layout and one other were the only ones that didn't get a vote. But the doily circle was inspired by the hottest new trend in scrapbooking - creating doilies using a corner punch.

This was based on a sketch from Stuck?! Sketches (but I can't find it on the site anymore). This layout caused a lot of "interest" at the retreat. First was the lady who laughed at it, then the lady who questioned why I took the photo (she works for the opposition.) And those reactions truly upset me (on top of my layout recieveing not. one. vote.) Because I don't just scrap photos of my children. I scrap the pieces that make up our lives as well, and I don't think those ladies understood that. I blame it on the international influence, but I would never laugh at someone else's layouts, even if I didn't understand why they had created it.

The photo from my birthday post. Which is my new favourite me-photo. And Deb's comment. And another layout with that splitting-the-pattern-idea from Shimelle.

I don't own any Tim Holtz anything. I know, I know. I'm slowly learning how to play with it. And there's a lady who works at the shop who does awesome things with inks and mists and messy stuff. But she doesn't teach at the shop. So I ask her lots of questions, and she lets me borrow stuff from her. But somehow, even following her instructions, I made this ink go green, instead of the sandy-brown colour it should be. But I still love the layout. {inspired by this pin}

My last layout of the weekend. Whipped up in about fifteen minutes. Based on the sketch challenge.

8 layouts in a whole weekend isn't a lot for me, when I created between 3-5 layouts at a five hour crop. But it was a change of scenery, scrapping without interuption (except for the food. There was lots of food. You do not go hungry on retreat when someone else is cooking.) And I'm already on the waiting list to go again next year.

Do you scrap non-people layouts?


  1. First of all, Happy Mother's Day! :-)

    It is very sad that those sorts of events are set up as a competition. I used to have a LSS where I shopped and I was the only person who scrapped in a simple style with a lot of journaling. I know this because the owners used to comment each time I went in and bought my cardstock. I was judged there and was seen to be different and not doing things as they thought I should be.

    Heck, this is a hobby, embrace your pages and your uniqueness and for goodness sake keep going and keep making pages that make you happy!

    Being an individual is hard and I find in the world of scrapping that many people try very hard to emulate a few, it takes away from the individuality of the creation ... stick to your guns Cate!

  2. I can't believe people were critical of your work. What makes one person think they are qualified to judge someone else's creations? This is a hobby, something we do for fun, we each have our own styles and preferences and there is no right or wrong. Don't let them upset you Cate, or make you change the way you work.
    I don't have any Tim Holtz either. I just make sure I sit next to my friend Denise at crops and ask to borrow hers, she is the Mrs Holtz of scrapland!!!

  3. It seems to me that there were some pretty harsh critics at your crop who should have kept their opinions to themselves. These are lovely layouts - I love that they are all so different.

  4. OK Hun, lets get one thing straight - you scrap for you not them. I got so mad on your behalf - I can't believe anyone would be so RUDE as to laugh at someone else's work!! As for the voting, I suspect it is part as you say that you scrap differently and part that they vote for their friends and people they know. I found a lot of groups can be cliquey and hard for new people to break in.
    If you are wanting to go again it couldn't have been so bad. Focus on the things you like about it and ignore the 'competition' and the bitchiness - they are not worth it.

  5. I can't believe someone laughed.. that is so rude.

    Scrapping is a personal hobby, not a competition, and Amy is right, your LOs should reflect your personality and YOUR story. There should be no right or wrong as we all interpret things differently and surely that should be encouraged.

    Its such a shame that there are ladies like this at your retreat but since you put yourself back on the waiting list, you must have enjoyed a majority of it.

    I love your LOs...(is that a mask you used with your misting on the heaven page?..I love the effect) and in answer to your question, since I only have my sisters children to scrap, I use a lot of 'inanimate object' photos on my pages as they tell my story :)

    1. yes, it is a mask, I'm still figuring out masks and misting, but it's fun to play!

  6. I have to agree with your friend. You are judging your self harshly. You have great pages. I absolutely love the top page with the black & white with the pop of colours on the flowers.
    Don't listen to mean catty women. Scrapbooking to me is creating memories of your life thru all kinds of photos, your kids are a part of your life but so are so many other things. Embrace your style and your own creativeness. To heck with the few rude scrappers in the world. There are plenty nice people out there too. Listen to them instead.

  7. I have been following your blog for ages as I see you as really inspiring! You definitely get a vote from me (and several others too!) continue to believe in yourself as I love your style and all these pages are amazing! I have never managed 5 pages in a day I am soooo slow!

  8. Hi there, boy some people are just soooo rude! I am new to your blog and love all the different pages you created - especially the 'heaven' one - correct me if I am wrong, but Masters is a hardware store?? it would be heaven for my hubby - replace the photo with a Spotlight store and it would be heaven for me and BTW I love the sun glare ;-) Ignore those rude people and scrap to your heart!

    1. yes, Masters is a "homewares" store - more interiors than timber like bunnings does. I could have photographed spotlight, or officeworks, too, for the same result!

      Thanks for following my blog!

  9. I CAN'T believe anyone would ever be so rude as that...but am glad it hasn't put you off wanting to go back again! Great LOs by the way!
    Alison xx


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