Monday 23 July 2012

less pinterest more do

I had some friends over on Saturday afternoon for a little tea party (more on that another day), and decided to have a go at baking red velvet brownies {original source} when my red velvet cupcakes fell apart.

The frosting was pretty amazing (if I hadn't run out of time setting up, I probably could have devoured the leftovers with a spoon), and the brownies were just the right combination of chewy and crumbly and yum.

Have you created something inspired by pinterest this week?


  1. YUM! and ohmygosh I think white chocolate buttercream frosting is going on my must make list. I didn't have any pinspiration last week but feel some coming on today ;)

  2. I have told DD about the hope that she'll make them!!
    Alison xx


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