Tuesday 24 July 2012

review | Derma Intensive+ Q10 skincare range

A couple of months ago I was invited to join a product-testing group for a supermarket. The offer came to me through my rewards card, not because I blog, but I thought it was a good opportunity to try my hand at a bit of PR and share my post here. Feel free to move on to the next blog on your list if you're not interested.

I had forgotten all about signing up to the program when I arrived home to a box on the doorstep. The box was pretty heavy, so I took it upstairs, and grabbed my phone.

Because I would be a terrible blogger (and scrapbooker) if I didn't document every stage of the opening process. The peanuts were quickly dispatched (without any children noticing them)

The box was jam-packed with product! I'd never heard of Derma Intensive+ Q10, and skincare hasn't been high on my list of priorities for quite a long time (I have used Vaseline Intensive Care moisturiser for 20+ years), so I was definitely interested to try these products. (Before Steve, I was an Avon lady, but I never really used many of the skincare products, preferring to spend all my money on nail polish and jewellery.)

The idea of the program is to host a gathering to try the products and share your responses. I had to put my thinking cap on, and try to work out if I actually knew anybody who would be interested! The first person I thought of was Rachel from Redcliffe Style, and she was happy to come and play with me. Lisa from Mrs BC's House of Chaos also came, and my friend Jo who went on the scrapbooking retreat with me (she doesn't blog.) It was also an excuse for me to spend the day in the kitchen, putting on a feast!

Hands down, the absolute favourite product was this anti-wrinkle serum. It wasn't sticky, and melted into skin very quickly, even over top of all the other products we tried.

The hand and nail cream was second-most-favourite product. I have fairly sensitive hands, and found that I was able to use the cream, even though it did leave a long lasting oily residue. Jo loved it so much she took a photo so she could remember what it looked like on her next shopping trip (and I sent the sample home with her.)

 The eye roll on felt beautiful when applying - the ball is steel, and feels cool to the skin, and the cream is lovely and refreshing.

The cleansing milk did a great job of, well, cleansing. And the toner didn't leave skin feeling too tight like some can do.

These wipes were good for removing the bulk of makeup from faces, but several were needed to do a thorough job. The fragranced wipes had quite a strong "chemical" smell.

This night cream was lovely and thick, with a pleasant smell. I think it was my favourite.

We unanimously agreed that the day cream was our least favourite product. It was the product that the promotional information was provided for, so it was the one we talked about the most. With a RRP of $4.99, it certainly gets the best marks for value for money, but we felt that the texture was a little too thick for a day cream, and the smell was slightly over powering.

Overall - I'm going to keep using the sample products that I still have, and take note of how my skin reacts. These products may make it into my trolley next time I shop.

Disclaimer - these words are mine. I received the boxful of products as shown above, and no other payment.

Do you wear makeup? Why, or why not?


  1. Cate I really loved playing with these products! I am definitely going to be putting Derma Anti Wrinkle Serum in my trolly!

  2. What a fun little gathering to have.
    I use skin care every day and night. A simple routine of organic rosehip oil during the day and at night an organic face cream.

    As for makeup I' love how I feel and look with s simple and quick applicant, but it's the one thing a rarely get to do. Having said that it's the next commitment I'm chipping at making to me as an everyday thing. I get up every morning and make an effort to style an outfit that me, rather than stay in pjs if I'm at home. I feel so good each day for dressing up even if I don't go anywhere. So I'm going to give myself another five minutes a day to add makeup to the routine regularly.

  3. What a fun day we had. I love nothing more than food, friends and products. Thanks Cate. Rachel xx


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