Friday 24 August 2012

5 ebooks I've recently downloaded

{alternative title - 5 ebooks I purchased this month}

It is said that to become a better blogger, you need to read more and write more. I've certainly been fulfilling the read-more part of that statement since I got an iPad - it has truly opened me up to getting things read!

I use 3 apps to read - iBooks, which is part of the basic iPad software; Play Books from Google, which is free to download when you purchase from the shop; and the Kindle app, available to download from Amazon.

Melissa reviewed this book at the start of August. I haven't read it yet (this is about books I've purchased, not read), but as I shared in my comment over there, Douglas' mum was a Mormon and knowing a bit about her religion might help understand her. And Mormon women are very prominent scrapbookers, I've always wanted to understand a bit about their beliefs.

I had forgotten that I registered at Chookooloonks to be emailed about the next running of Path Finder, so when the email popped into my inbox, stating that it wouldn't run again this year, and maybe not next year I quickly signed up. (Then I immediately had buyer's remorse, because the day before I enrolled in Susannah Conway's Blogging from the Heart.) But it had been a while since I read Chookooloonks, so I decided to buy the book. {I have started reading this, and am really enjoying dipping into the stories. Quite a few things are speaking to me.}

I follow Ella Publishing on Facebook, and was lucky enough to score a code to buy this book for $US2! (I recommend following them, because it's not the first book I've scored a code for!) I have also started reading this book, and love the albums Elizabeth Dillow has shared.

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{Affiliate link}  Tell It's Story blew my mind. I've read it twice now, and love the simple concept, something that I'm trying to figure out how to apply to my stuff.

Shift is another great book from Amy Schubert at Lemon and Raspberry. It's free. And worth getting. I stumbled on Lemon and Raspberry while researching blogging or creativity (I can't remember which, but she falls into both categories!)

And just to prove I can read fluff-stuff, this is the first of three short stories, available only as ebooks. They're a stand-alone story, but part of the Odd Thomas series if you're a Dean Koontz fan. I found them on Google Play, and have read all three books.

What ebooks have you downloaded lately?


  1. I got a Kindle for my birthday last month & have just started getting e-books. I think you'll find The Mormonizing of America very informative. Meaningful Minis sounds intriguing - what a GREAT deal you got! Robbie just finished those three Odd Thomas stories also (on his Kindle). I've mostly been downloading free books, although I did purchase Imagine (before it was pulled from bookstores!). I'm off to check out Tell Its Story now.

    1. I have lots of free books on the kindle app, too. I hadn't heard that Imagine had been pulled, I purchased it a couple of months ago (in an different title format, not sure if it was an Australian title, or an early release title)

  2. Thanks for the links and the kind words! :)


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