Saturday 18 August 2012

guest post | simple things in life are the best inspiration

Have you ever searched for inspiration?  Life opens up when you are able to find inspiration in everything you see and do. This can be incredibly important to living a fulfilling life. For people with chronic illness or disease, inspiration can be the thin thread that keeps you hanging on through the tough times. 

Every moment can be special and memorable. Walking in the woods, listening to a waterfall cascade down rocks, watching flowers bloom, enjoying time with children, travelling the world (or even your own city), anything and everything can be inspirational, if you allow it to be. 

For many people, it can sometimes be difficult to feel inspired. For me, I try to look at everything with fresh eyes and an open mind. At any given moment, I may feel compelled to illustrate a quote, write an article, take a photograph, or create a scrapbook page. The flower in the quote actually came from a photograph I took of a flower my ten year old is growing in our kitchen window.

I also find incredible inspiration from other bloggers and when I discovered Life Behind the Purple Door, I was delighted with so much inspiration provided seemingly without effort. Being able to do a guest post for such a wonderful blog is an inspiration in itself for me, thank you for the opportunity. 

One example of how Life Behind the Purple Door inspires me is with the Less Pinterest More Do Section. In particular, a scrap lift was recently posted here and I created a page (see below) inspired by it! 

The dandelion near a sidewalk, the smell of earth after a rain, the rushing of traffic, are all examples of simple common everyday things that most of us forget to even notice, much less be inspired by.  Please remember the best inspirations tend to come from the simplest things in our lives that we tend to overlook.
May you all find a little unexpected inspiration in your life today! 

Todays post was created by Emily over at My Inspired Life with Fibromyalgia Blog.  Emily is a SAHM of two living in Oregon who is trying to increase Fibromyalgia Awareness by sharing her experiences and inspirations in life on her blog. Her hobbies are finding inspiration, digital scrapbooking, writing, painting, and spending time with her family. You can find it her at Facebook, Twitter, and her Blog.

Emily and I met during the Blogging Olympics, hosted by Caylie from Better Business Better Life, which I found by clicking on a link at Our Little Sins (which I also found by following a link from somewhere)


  1. A beautiful post on a beautiful blog. Well done on a lovely collaboration ladies. I noticed myself taking pictures of landscapes recently and I've never been a photographer. Simple but inspiring.

  2. Great post...great reminder!
    Alison xx


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