Wednesday 1 August 2012

I can contribute!

I've been working for a couple of weeks behind the scenes on a big project with my blog buddies. It's a huge undertaking, something that I've had doubts about since we started.

Not doubts about the project, it has the potential to be amazing. But doubts about me, and what I can bring to the party. Because I don't have PR skills, I don't have marketing skills, I'm not even very confident about what I am capable of doing.

But today, I realised that I do have something to contribute. And I guess in a way, it's thanks to my dad. Because I have business skills, and knowledge about business that I can answer some of those tricky questions, like "do we have to register for GST?" (yes), "do we need an ABN to open a bank account?" (yes). And my dad pushed me to take accounting class in year 12. And while I hate every minute of working with numbers, I know enough to not be over-whelmed when someone says "I need to see a balance sheet and P&L"

What can you contribute when you didn't think it was possible?



  1. I often find that 'not being scared of reading numbers' is a skill I bring to a group

  2. Good for you Cate!
    Alison xx


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