Thursday 6 September 2012

blogging from the heart

I've whined shared a little bit that September is a busy month for me. Mostly because of the number of online classes that I've signed up for (but also because I'm juggling scouts, scouts training, a special project, and life). One of the courses I've signed up for is Blogging from the Heart with Susannah Conway.

I've wanted to do the course since I first heard about it over a year ago, but the time was never right until now (and I'm still not totally convinced the timing is right) We're on day 3 of course material (sometimes, time zone differences are a curse!), and I'm struggling already. (surprise, surprise!)

But not for the reasons you might think.

At the moment, it's slow paced - identify some blogs that inspire you, write a mission statement, think about your page design. All stuff that I've been thinking about lately with my journey into blogging.

But the bit that I'm struggling with is that I feel like I'm the only one who has been blogging for a long time.

There's a facebook group for class participants to chat in, and there's been lots of discussion from students who are scared to post. Who can't get past the perfectionism of their thoughts. Or who want to figure out the balance before they put fingers to keys and start typing.

I'm struggling with that.

Because if I had ever stopped to think about the title of my blog, the words I shared, the quality of my photos, I may never have started.

And I'm so grateful I did start blogging all those years ago.

I hear it said over and over again in my life that to get anything done you have to begin. And I find that is never truer than when I'm procrastinating, putting off something, afraid to press publish. (I've actually never been afraid to press publish, and some of the posts I'm proudest of have been written through the haze of tears.)

How do you push yourself to begin?


  1. Good post. I've been blogging for a few years (but with no real purpose) but I started a whole new blog specifically for this course. Partly because my old blog got out of hand. Partly out of the need for a fresh start. And partly because some of the material on my old blog wasn't something I felt comfortable being out there anylonger. Thanks for sharing your struggles, and thank you for sharing your fearlessness.

    Shannon (

  2. I just now that no matter what it is in life that I'm wanting to do, if I don't get started on it I won't be able to live with the regret of not doing it. That thought alone always pushes me along to eventually following through.

  3. I like what you said about just starting. I just started my blog about 3 months ago, but learned so much just by digging in and starting, doing, trying, redoing, and going through the motions of writing about things I was thinking about. It was a bit scary at first, but since I had only a few followers (close family) it made it a safe way to learn. I am so happy I didn't think about it too much before jumping in. It may have created analysis-paralysis.

  4. Great post Cate! I have never been scared to publish either, but then I never write emotional posts. Rachelx

  5. When I started blogging, a few years ago, I definitely wasn't worried about perfection. I just assumed I had all the answers and everything I posted would be glorious. Hah.

    Now I'm searching for new direction and interesting things to say, and I struggle a bit with beginning again. I'm not sure if I'm afraid to publish now, and find out what I've written misses the mark, but I'm definitely struggling with procrastination. I'm looking forward to finding new things to talk about with Susannah's course!

  6. Hi Cate, I'm doing the course too! I agree, with blogging you just have to jump in and go for it! I'm still a newbie but as I approach the 12 month mark I am glad I took a deep breath and jumped in, the posts aren't perfect but I'm learning as I go.

  7. This post was well said! I had NO idea what I was getting into when I first started my blog and did all kinds of bold things. Looking back I think WOW, had I really known about blogging and blogs I may have been too scared (or intimidated) to do those things. It is a good lesson to learn though, I need to just be free to post and have fun instead of analyzing or over thinking so much. Here's to finding BALANCE in the crazy world of blogging ;-)

  8. Absolutely true. I am in the e-course with Susannah too and I am blogging (in spanish) for almost 2 years .. I did not start before maybe because I feel afraid about the perfection and about people thinking but once I started I could not stop. I love meeting and recoating your blog.


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