Thursday 27 September 2012

mind mapping is pretty awesome

Did you make mind maps at school? I never quite got the process, or understood how they could help me, so avoided them like the plague whenever possible. But last weekend at a scouts training session we used mind maps, and now they've become my best friend!

In typical Apple fashion, there is an app for that! I use the SimpleMind app (someone shared a link, and I liked the look - but it's the only one I've tried, so if you've used any others, let me know) Now that I see my brainstorming ideas in front of me, I can see how mind mapping can be useful for everything from menu planning to writing blog posts. I'm going to keep playing with it, and see how many ideas I can come up with.

Do you mind map?


  1. I do mind map! I love it. It is excellent for group brainstorming, or thinking through a complex issue.

  2. I remember when the teacher used to ask us to draw a mind map on paper, those were the days~~ Haha, now there are tons of different software where you can create a mind map online just like that. I never really use a lot of different mind map tools, but you could check out GroupMap and Mindmeister. Both free, one newer than the other.

  3. Oh yes, I taught this concept along with brainstorming to generate ideas. I still do my by hand as I'm such a paper person.


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