Sunday 23 September 2012

things I'd tell my daughter

july 19th, 2011
it's hard to write these posts

to lay my soul bare

but I keep doing it

because I hope that you're still reading

even when you're not talking to me

school holidays start this week

and another month passes that we don't see you here

and, if I'm honest, there's a little piece of me that is glad you're not here

because the argumentative teenager reminds me of me

but, the piece of me that misses you every day

hates the fact that you're not here

and I have yet to make it through one of these posts without tears pouring down my face

because I know you left here thinking I didn't care

but you're wrong

so very wrong

because I think of you every. single. day.

and Riley asks where you are

every. single. day.

and Natalie asks when Chloe is coming to visit

(every other day, really)

even Douglas asks regularly

(at least every other week)

and Steve gets home from work every day

and asks me if I've heard from you

every. single. day.

and it breaks my heart a little bit, having to say no

every. single. day.


  1. (((hugs)) Cate... I can't even bigein to imagine how hard that must be xo

  2. there can be nothing harder, but to be this honest and open ensures that we ur blogfriends can send some love and care ur way,
    jo xxx

  3. Oh Cate, I don't know how you get through the days but hope so much that maybe your messages do get through to her, either by reading your blog or facebook or that special bond that mothers and daughters have. I keep hoping that one day I will read that a tiny baby step has been taken to reuniting you two as I know how much you desperately need to resume contact with her. Take care x

  4. Oh Cate, she knows. She also knows you will always be there. Rxx

  5. Beautifully written from a mother's heart Cate!

  6. I continue to pray that Chloe will find her way back to you. I do believe she thinks of you every.single. day ((((hugs)))


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