Tuesday 30 October 2012

blog power events | high tea

We held our first event for Blog Power Events last Saturday.

We had High Tea at The Emporium. They set us up in a corner of the cocktail bar, giving us the space to be as noisy as a group of ladies can be without being disruptive to other patrons. The service from the waitstaff was absolutely stellar (and reminded me why I loved working functions and five star locations.)

To break the ice, we spent time last week making hats and fascinators, which everyone chose to put on when they arrived. And it was quite startling how every hat seemed to suit every personality.

The best part was meeting new people - as in people we had never met before (well, except for two) From left to right this is Vanessa, Leanne and Wendy.

In typical blogger-fashion, we chatted about random things - from the lack of ironing in each house, to the amazing food we were scoffing, to the things people would like to see from Blog Power Events. Left to right - Gillian, Rachel, Shari.

I looked around the room at one stage early on and noticed that everyone was peering at their phones. And it was totally ok, because everyone else got it! Left to right - Lisa, Helen, Caitlyn, Cass.

We were offered mimosas on arrival (orange juice and champagne), and I wasn't driving for one, so got to enjoy it to the end. The Emorium has an on-site bakery that made all the beautiful pastries (what is the deal with macarons? I actually didn't like it that much! But those vanilla eclairs were the bomb!)

Tea was served

With jam and cream (probably the only let down of the day, they were more bread-like than scone-like)

I even managed a super-quick snap of the wash basin as I was leaving - think warm water, hand lotion, a chair, and paper towels that felt like cloth.

A pretty awesome day all round.


  1. Each person's hat suitecd thier personality - ha! Mine looks like horns! xx
    PS I can't believe you stole a hand towel :P

    1. And I looked like Blossom Russo! So happy to be part of the inaugural get together- look forward to more in the future x

  2. Sounds great Cath! Looking forward to the next one.

    Anne xx

  3. It was a great day...I am so glad that I got to be a part of your first event!

  4. Soundslike a lovely time. I read your last sentence as 'thick warm water' - confused me at first!!

  5. What fun! I love meeting other bloggers.

  6. I really should have taken a bigger hand bag! Those hand towels were luxurious!!!
    It truly was a fantastic first event for you girls! Well done xx

  7. Glad to hear it went so well Cate!
    Alison xx


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