Sunday 21 October 2012

things I'd tell my daughter

So, I got a text message from your father last week.

October 19th, 2011 - waiting for a plane
First time in all of this that he's actually made a comment

And he says he tried to discourage the course of action you've taken

He said "she lied about other stuff, so I wondered"

But that doesn't help us now

And it's made us wonder

Are we about to get a phone call?

And it made us think about what we would do

What would we do if you actually came back here

Because try as we might, we can't think of any occasion where you lied to us

{unless you count the whole hiding-a-facebook-account-from-dad-thing}

But the world is such an ugly place that you could get cranky with us

And make one phone call

And everything would come crashing down

And we don't know if we want to take that risk

But we know that we couldn't turn you away, either

So we wait for what happens next


  1. Your a great mum Cate, never doubt it. Rachel x

  2. When you are a teenager, the hardest thing to do is admit you may have made a mistake. At the time, you make the decision that you feel is the right one, but as we all know, that as time goes on, we often realise that situations change and you need to revisit that decision and try and change direction. I really hope that she is now a little older and able to realise that a Mum's love is unconditional and forever and if she wants to come home, your door will always be open to her.

    1. that's so very true, Deb. and our door will always be open to her

  3. Going to say i have followed your blog for a few months, just now catching these post to your daughter----- spent a better part of 3 hours going back and reading them- trying to piece things together as to what happened when etc. I'm intrigued- me being someone who caused much grief in my teenage years- I still don't have it all pieced together however I'm still reading.. but wanted to say.... There comes a time in every adults- especially girls when they think "damn my life wasn't so bad, they sure did really try and I was an ass." Now this normally as i'm sure you know follows them having children of their own, however I would say just keep writing it all out there- someday----maybe years away it will be appreciated and even if the bond isn't quite the same form the distance and time- it's always there... that yearning for a mommy.. I can promise you that. Mine was not a good person (she made very poor life decisions) however I still yearn for a mom to talk to in my adult years more than I ever thought I would, it's sad now as she passed when I was only 13- he death lead to my survival however that instincitive yearning to have a mom-- any mom is always there.

    1. thank you so much for your words. you won't actually figure out "what" happened from my words here, but I'll keep writing them to her, and reminding her that I love her. And, yes, I have often rung my mother since I became a mum, and said sorry. She laughs.


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