Tuesday 13 November 2012

100 days to Christmas | my gifting philosophy

Trying to decide on gifts each year is getting harder. I find that every year I am buying and gifting less to the children, and still struggling to find the balance between gifts that last and will be appreciated, and gifts that will be lost (or broken) before day's end.

I've tried to follow this gifting philosophy for a few years now (even though I've never managed to only give four gifts per child), but more often than not we get to the following Christmas and no one can remember what they received the previous year. The only exception at the moment is the last-minute book bags I whipped up last year.

So with six weeks to go, I'm stumped. I have no idea what to get for anybody this year (the added burden of family for Christmas isn't helping). I do have a plan for some small handmade stocking stuffers, but until I try the project, I have no idea if it will work, or if I'll be left shopping on Christmas Eve (amongst all the other things that are done on Christmas Eve)

But maybe you can help me. Do you gift to couples, families or individuals? I'm never sure how to handle this one, which makes shopping harder!


  1. Depends who it it - some couples, some families. I never have problems choosing gifts - it's affording them that gives me stress

  2. We've started a secret Santa for extended family to make it more budget friendly.

  3. I don't know what to gift anyone either this year, except my nieces (I do have a plan for them!).

  4. I like this philosophy - I'm just starting to think "gift list" so I may get my brood to make lists with this in mind ... though for we may extend read to include listen to and watch!

    We do a Family Fund so that each member of Hubby's very large family gets just one gift (of their choosing) from the rest of the family combined. The only person(people) who has(have) to do any work is(are) the one(s) collecting in all the cash, collating the requests and wrapping the purchases. This year though finances are tight for a few of the family and it may fold - I hope not!


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