Friday 30 November 2012

5 things I'm letting go of this season

I'm not doing an advent-anything. My kids just don't seem to get the idea of waiting, or taking turns, or sharing, and I hate the idea of individual advents. Maybe next year we can try again.

I often cook lots of veggies on the day, but they rarely get eaten. I'm undecided about whether we will completely skip this one, because asparagus and bacon sounds pretty awesome.

Beautifully wrapped gifts are not going to happen until all the kids are older and can admire them for the treasure they are.

Cut-out cookies of any sort. I hate the rolling and cutting process, and would probably hate the decorating process, too. If it can't be rolled into balls, or sliced from a log, I'm not doing it.

Handmade santa sacks. This isn't the year to decide it must be done. Maybe next year.

What are you letting go of this holiday season?



  1. I've let go of handmade cards this year. I ordered a bunch of digi ones from Photobox instead - still personal but much quicker. I've also resisted buying any raffle tickets for Christmas fayres. I've donated gifts, I've helped wrap them and I really don't want to win them back, so I'm saving myself a few £s

  2. I've let go of letting go of Xmas, actually! It's not an important holiday here in Taiwan, but when I was growing up it was always a time for family gatherings. Seeing Xmas decorations for the first few years I lived here made me so homesick I didn't want to deal with it, but now I've put up a small tree, some garlands and I'm doing Journal Your Christmas. So I'm re-embracing Xmas and just trying to deal with the homesickness as it comes.

  3. I've let go of advent presents - last year and the year before I wrapped 24 little bits of crap and put them into a little advent sack and it was all too hard.

  4. I let go of all the old handmade Christmas tree ornaments that have covered my tree for the past 13 years! I've always been a lover of a tree filled with a mix match of all the kids art work and a blast of colour - nothing matched but I LOVED it!
    This year we decided to go with a theme. All the "special" decorations are packed away - not ready to throw them away just yet!

  5. Well done on letting a few things go...there will be time in years to come for them!
    Alison xx

  6. Pinterest has a lot to answer for! lol.
    I'm forgoing decorating the outside of my house with lights. I just don't have time, and I'm always inside anyway, so the effort is for strangers, not us to enjoy. I'm undecided about sending cards this year as well!

  7. Hello Cate, popping over here from Professional Parents - thanks for sharing your blog there. Like this post, I'm with you on all of these! I'm letting go of a warm Christmas - most of my life I've lived in Queensland so celebrate in the sun, but this year our family are living in The Netherlands, and today, it's snowing!


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