Tuesday 27 November 2012

things I'd tell my daughter

The next step after capturing life is to write down the stories.

I don't mean the angst-ridden diary entries of a teenage girl (I still have those diaries from my childhood, yours can't be that much different)

I mean, tell the stories of your memories

Write down the story of the path you take to school. Include the mode of transport, whether you follow the same path every day, or try new ways. If you drive, does the path you take depend on traffic? Is traffic even an issue where you live?

Write down the story of packing your lunch box. Do you pack the same thing every day? Do you find special treats? Are sandwiches boring?

Write down the story of your best friend. What is it that makes her your best friend? Does she tell awesome jokes? Does she listen when you get angry? Does she hug you when you cry?

Write down the story of the subjects you're studying at school. Did you follow the same choices as last year? Will you pick the same subjects next year or have your future plans changed?

All of these stories make you who you are. And one day, you may have a child (or a mum) ask you about how your days are different to theirs.


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