Saturday 8 December 2012

dear blog, it's me, not you

Sorry, blog, but I'm struggling

Struggling to get through each day with some sanity at the end

I could spend hours holding the toilet bowl, or sit on the couch all day, achieving nothing, and still feel like crap when I crawl into bed exhausted at 9pm.

It's mostly the hyperemesis, and exhaustion from a busy year.

I've got 8 weeks in front of me with no commitments to scouts (except working out a plan for next year)

Oh, there's those few days near the end of December where family stays with us, something about them wanting to eat my cooking and sing with the kids.

I've got 38 posts sitting in my drafts file, but nothing feels like something I want to share right now. This space feels strange at the moment, inauthentic, and I need to get back to my authenticity.

And I haven't even found the one little word that wants to guide my 2013.

So I'm going to take some time. Time for me to rest, and recuperate, (although the only way to get totally better is to pop this baby out) and enjoy this holiday season.

But that doesn't mean I want be seeing you, I'll just stop all the guilt because I "haven't-written-today" (which oddly seems to have struck this week, despite my self-awareness that its my blog, my space, my rules)

To those still reading along, thanks so much for your support. It means so much, knowing that you're there, even after all these years, and the ups and downs.



  1. Mate, everyone will be here when you get back .. when you get your body back. Dont do it to yourself just forget about it and come back sometime later. Zofran? Maxalon? anything to get you through the worst.
    (sometimes i had a glass of coke before water for some reason it helped the water stay down)

    take care

  2. Hang in there,do whatever you need to do to get through, guilt is a wasted emotion (says she who is the queen of it). Take a break when you need to, come back better and stronger when you can.

  3. {{{hugs}}} you'll get there when you can Cate. We all know about mojo and pregnancy, well I'm sure the same goes for blogging.
    Right now you need to make being healthy, growing your baby and getting through the day a priority.
    We'll all be here when you are ready to blog again

  4. Time to stop worrying about the world and to take care of yourself Cate...we'll still be hanging around when you feel up to it!
    Alison xx

  5. Take care Cate - blogging is the least of your worries - nuture yourself and your family and the new bub growing.

    Thanks for the card too - I am impressed you were able to manage it, it's greatly appreciated.

  6. Oh Cate, we totally understand. I'm blogging when I have time during this busy season & don't feel one bit of guilt. Take care of yourself & pop in to say Hello when you can!

  7. I am impressed that you have 38 posts in draft! I am happy if I have one!

    Take this time to care for yourself, and know that the blog isn't going anywhere..and it will be there when you are ready and well and want to share.


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