Tuesday 15 January 2013

#baby5 | if one more person says...

the view of my toes, from my boobs
I hope you feel better soon I so appreciate that people are concerned about me, but unfortunately for me, I know from past experience that the only way I will feel better is popping this baby out.

You sure it's not twins? I don't know if this is asked because I'm so sick, or because I'm "big", but people, this is my fourth pregnancy, all the bits are still pretty big from the last two.

Eat whatever makes you feel better I wish I knew how this would ease the nausea, because something that works today could make me throw up tomorrow.

Just a sharp sting Pregnancy turns me into a pin cushion, and it's not over yet. The pathology labs don't make it hurt quite as much as the hospital, but I still walk away bruised for days on end.

Whatever you want This one comes from Steve. A lot. "Should we find out the sex?" "Whatever you want" "What names are you thinking about?" "Whatever you want"

I think I'll scream.

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  1. I've never understood what people are thinking when they ask a pregnant woman if she's sure it's not twins. Just because someone is pregnant doesn't mean it's OK to carry on about how enormous she is.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

    Visiting from IBOT.

  2. Oh this just does not sound good at all! I wont say I hope you feel better, but instead, I will wish for you that time flies by quickly and smoothly so that baby can be here and you can be better. Good luck xx

  3. I got that a lot with number 5. I got GOSH YOU'RE HUGE!!! a lot too. WTF.

  4. People do say silly things, but they aren't trying to be annoying, it's just their way of showing they care :) Rachel xx

  5. Not sure whether this will make you smile or cross - My friend took her driving test when she was 8 months, which meant she didn't have to an emergency stop. When she explained why this exemption was on her paperwork, the tester said "I thought you were just fat".

  6. my poor sister gets "are you sure it's not twins" and "gee must be any day now!" (she's only 32 weeks!) all the time. it makes her feel miserable. i think people just try to make conversation. it doesn't help though. trust me I've had all kinds of stupid things said to me in regards to our infertility. seems no matter the situation, people can just be plain inconsiderate.

  7. try putting together an over the top name as a suggestion to Steve - something like the movie stars have - perhaps Apple Sunday and see if you still get "whatever you want"

  8. You know most of the time people who make those comments haven't had kids, or have had one and forget what it's like. Hang in there! Emily

  9. Hope today isn't a day full of screaming!!
    Alison xx

  10. Oh goodness, I believe I would be screaming, too.

  11. Oh I understand this so well! I wanted to get shirt printed with answers to all the annoying questions, so that no one would ask them


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