Monday, 14 January 2013

hello monday

hello, project life week two pages

hello, back to routine

hello, cooler weather

hello, new recipes for baking

hello, cleaning of work space

{inspired by Lee}

Also linking to Actually Amy for The Simple Things

Actually Amy


  1. That's a really nice photo!

    I'm hoping maybe the cooler weather will help the nausea for you

  2. I think many of us are welcoming back the routine of everyday life. I must clean the studio this week. Hope you are feeling better this week, Cate!

  3. You're enjoying cooler weather and we're moaning about the freezing cold! It is nice to get back in routines isn't it?

  4. I love getting back into a routine after the holidays!.....hope you're feeling a bit better this week
    Alison xx


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