Friday 11 January 2013

5 tips for tricking yourself into a better mood

"Morning sickness" is the bane of my existence at the moment. Actually, it's not morning sickness, it's all-day-nausea, and it's debilitating. When it was at it's worst, before Christmas, I avoided going out, even to the supermarket. So when a social engagement came up that I really didn't want to miss, I had to do something to make myself feel better. Here's how I tricked myself.

Get a haircut My haircut was already booked before I remembered I had been invited out. I went from feeling shaggy to feeling lighter.

Wear something different this wasn't so much a choice as nothing-fits-the-growing-bump. But I found a skirt with an elastic waist, and started with that.

Put on some makeup I don't wear makeup, but when I went to Melbourne, I discovered Garnier's BB cream. For me, it's the perfect product to cover up the blemishes from pregnancy, and the pale, sickly skin I seem to have at the moment.

Say "yes" to the invite I'm very good at cancelling at the last minute if I can't be bothered, but I was determined to push myself out of the house.

Participate in the conversation Just like cancelling, it's easy to sit back and watch without participating. I felt better when I left because I'd had my say on things that interested me in the conversations.

Do you have any tips for tricking yourself into a better mood?


  1. I am pretty bad about cancelling at the last minute as well, such a bad habit :( I'm glad you made yourself do all those things and that you had a pleasant outing! I'm in a rough place emotionally right now with a loved one's health decline so the boys are taking me out to dinner and to see The Guilt Trip, I think that will be a wonderful few hours of escapism :)

  2. I have a skirt just like that one! I was lucky and didn't get morning sickness when I was pregnant - I'm getting it now though as menopause approaches. Just remind yourself that it's not going to last forever and you have the baby to look forward to.
    I might take your advice. I often don't bother going out because I'm too tired but really it would do me good. My 8 YO has a much better social life than I do.

  3. I do like your five tricks and I think it's a good place to start! I once heard a motivational speaker say something like, "If you don't feel like dancing it's because you're not dancing yet. If you don't feel like singing, same thing. Dance anyway. Sing anyway. You'll love it then!" Thinking of you and hoping your "morning" sickness goes away soon. Do we know if this baby is a boy or girl yet?

  4. Well done on getting yourself out...hope the morning sickness goes soon xx


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