Friday 25 January 2013

things I'd tell my daughter

the last photo I have of you

Dear Chloe

It's been just on a year since we last saw you.

That hurts.

Because I don't know how long your hair is now

Or what music you like listening to

or what subjects you've chosen for this year

who your friends are

or who the cute boy is that you've got a crush on

and that hurts.

{Natalie wants to open your Christmas presents}

but we have no idea if you actually opened the presents we sent you

or were grateful to receive a present from sweetie

because we haven't had a word of thanks from you.

and that hurts.

but we still sit here,

torturing ourselves over you

because a piece of our family is missing

and we don't know what to do to bring it back

Steve still asks me every day if I've heard from you

and the kids mention you every other day (including Caiden and Lana)

maybe one day you'll come back

I hope so

because I really need to hug you


  1. biggest hugs to you hon - thinking of you - deb xx

  2. Oh Cate, I can feel your sadness. I hope you are reunited soon. Rachel x

  3. I know these post must be so heartbreaking for you to write, Cate, but I hope (as you probably do) that somehow your girl will read this and be reminded how very much she is loved and missed. As a teenager, my mom and I had issues, and I spent some time away from her without contact. In hindsight now it seems ridiculous that had to happen, but things did change and, well, obviously, you know that we ended up having a healthy relationship later on. I know your situation is a bit different, but I just want you to know that someday, somehow, there will be resolve to this. Sending you some great big hugs from many miles away! xo

  4. Breaks my heart to read a post like this Cate and I hope that she is somewhere out there secretly reading your blog and knowing how much you love her. So tough, there must be days when it is overwhelming. I hope that, like Deb Turtle, in time you get that special mother/daughter relationship back.

  5. I too send hugs and prayers your way Cate....and hope that Chloe is reading this and realising how unconditionally she is loved
    Alison xx

  6. Oh Cate, I love that you are still doing these posts & I'm praying for a wonderful reunion soon!

  7. sending thoughts to you and your family.
    I too hope that one day you are re-united with Chloe.

  8. {{{Cate}}} My heart breaks for the pain this brings you and yours. I continue to pray that Chloe will return to your lives soon and then she will read your posts and understand how very much she has always been loved.

  9. Feeling so sad and hearing your hurt and pain as you keep your heart open for your daughter... Hoping that one day, you and she will stand again in a warm embrace.

  10. I so feel your pain, we had to let our older son go when he joined the navy a few years back, and now we are getting ready to say goodbye to our second son {he is also joining the navy!!!}
    I know that your situation is different, and I sure hope that your daughter is reading your blog posts....they are beautiful xxx


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