Monday 18 February 2013

hello monday

photo taken with hipstamatic app, helga viking lens, RTV film
hello rain, when it's hot, you bring muggy heat

hello the red tent, the march book for book club

hello cups of tea, it's nice to make it through a cup without feeling sick

hello routine, finding an even keel makes the days feel better

hello jeans, after twenty years in Queensland, rain still means cold in my head

hello Monday, a good way to start every week

{inspired by Lee}


  1. Sounds like you're feeling a little better? It's been beautiful weather here this weekend, but supposed to turn cold again! :<(

    1. I'm cautiously optimistic that it's over, but try not to think of it too much, because I jinx myself and end up sick!

  2. I loved The Red Tent, hope you are enjoying it! Glad the tea is going down easy. I can't wait for our warm seasons to arrive.

  3. Routine is always good. So are cups of tea! Hope you're feeling better soon x

  4. Your comment about rainy days made me smile....I still think that cloudy days mean it's going to be cold here!
    Alison xx


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