Thursday 14 March 2013

Cate, today you are 39

photo taken by Douglas
and 24 weeks pregnant

last year, if someone had told me I'd be pregnant now, I'd have told them they were mad!

I've been dwelling on this post for days now

because it's a letter I write to myself every year, but this year I don't know what to write.

Being pregnant has turned our world upside down.

My health has suffered.

And the kids miss out, too, as hard as we try not to let that happen.

But there's only 16 weeks to go, before we meet our little girl.

And life changes again to fit her in.

I had a friend when I was pregnant with Chloe who said the worst birthday present you can give an expectant mother was a present for the baby.

But I can't seem to point my thoughts in any other direction right now.

39 is going to be very different.

But that's ok.

Happy birthday, me.

{and while I'm saying happy birthday, will you pop over to Deb's blog, and say happy birthday to her?}


  1. Happy birthday love go easy on yourself and steal done time today for something especially for you. X

  2. Happy Birthday Cate!! My sister had twins when she was in her late 30s (she already had 3 kids - 18, 15 & 7!), and it took her until they were here to get used to the idea! BTW - You look great!!!

  3. Happy birthday to a very lovely pregnant Cate! I think a nice birthday gift would be an afternoon of solitude and relaxation :)

  4. Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your day.

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a great day & the 39 turns out to be better than you think.

  6. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday in your own right! And hoping that the next sixteen weeks are easier and gentler. Indeed, what a difference a year makes. I love the idea of writing a letter to oneself :).

  7. Sorry Cate...I realise I'm a day late with the Birthday Wishes...blasted time zones! Hope you've had a lovely day
    Alison xx

  8. My dear friend, Cate ~ I read this post on my phone last night and couldn't properly comment (I'm terrible commenting on blogs on that thing!). I love your birthday posts like this, and I'm happy that you did one for yourself. I jotted down a few things last night that I would say about you - will try to find some time this weekend to type it out and email it to you! I think you're doing a great job, and I'm wishing you a very happy birth month!!! xo

  9. Hope you had a good birthday.

  10. I hope you had a good day xx I was preggers for my 39th too, about 7 months :)


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