Sunday 3 March 2013

sunday sessions | a trip into childhood

I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane this week, with approaching age and all that maybe I can pretend to be young again?

I'm linking up with Cass Can Sew Sunday Sessions (before I start hosting from next week!)

I can't remember much music before Uptown Girl from Billy Joel and the Thriller album from Michael Jackson. (I'm sure the music was there, I just don't have any memory of it) Mum would play those two albums when we drove to the nearest "big town" from home (and we'd get McDonalds on the way home!)

George Michael's Faith was the next significant song in my life - we were selling our house, and dad had set me the task of recording the radio advert of the sale from morning radio, and this song came on right before the advert. I kept the recording for years after we moved.

Come by next Sunday to see what songs were significant in the teenage years.


  1. loved listening to Uptown Girl when I was younger!!

  2. I love both these songs. Wasn't George Michael just majorly cool in the clip for Faith? I do have a thing for the guitar, it's certainly a toe tapping song! Looking forward to linking up with you next week Cate!

  3. I remember these well.I like Faith ( it ties in with mine)
    and now I it stuck on loop in my head.

  4. George Michael! Ahh yes, you've given me an idea for next week's Sunday Sessions...

    ...on the subject of "Faith", it had a cool guitar solo. I dig it...


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