Tuesday 9 April 2013

#baby5 | here we go again

This girl threw a curve-ball at me last week. Well, sort of - I was kind-of expecting bad news when I walked into the glucose tolerance test last Thursday, but one can live in hope, right?!

So, I've got gestational diabetes again. And like last time I'm hoping to control it with diet. But that's easier said than done this time, because this time I have fussier children, more evening commitments that require shovel-it-in-as-you-walk-out-the-door-meals, and strained finances. But we'll make it work, cause it's only 12 weeks, right?!

12 weeks of finger-pricking fun.

And doctors stressing about baby's size.

And bending over to tie shoe laces so I can increase exercise.

Finger pricks 4 times a day.

Oh, my, I wonder if I can manage?


  1. Oh GD is no fun at all!

    I hope you are able to keep on top of it, and find some way to treat yourself as well!

  2. Good luck. I had it with Izzy. I must have been lucky I only had to prick twice a day :)

  3. You WILL manage, Cate...stay sane and well!
    Alison xx

  4. It's such fun, isn't it! Last time with Punky I found it pretty easy because I was only worrying about me and not getting up at sparrow's fart every morning. This time will be interesting, if I have to eat every 2 hours for 6 meals a day and I have breaky when Mia gets up I'll be having dinner at bloody 3pm! Not likely. We'll see how we go though!

    Hope its all going well and your levels have been good so far! Thanks for sharing the carrot fries recipe, I am so getting Dave to make those for me!


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