Sunday 7 April 2013

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I love an eclectic playlist when I get the chance to crank up some music - you'll often find 80s favourites mixed in with current top 20s. It makes for fun listening, and exposes my kids to all sorts of songs.

At Christmas time I overheard a conversation between my mum and brother about Mumford & Sons. The gist of the conversation was that neither of them likes their music! I was devastated! Little Lion Man is much played here, as is I will Wait.

So we agreed to disagree, and I turned the music down a little bit when this song came on.

Sunday Sessions is a weekly link-up about music - share what you've been listening to this week!

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  1. Oh, that's sad Cate! :(
    I'v never listened to much Mumford & Sons.
    I'd never even heard of them until recently, I don't know where I was hiding!! But I like them, especially this song.

    Cate, I've just started a second weekly song post on my blog. I've linked both today but please let me know if you only want me linking one, not two, each week.

    Thanks for hosting. :)

    1. no problems with two links, thanks for joining!

  2. I am a mad Mumford & Sons fan. Saw them when they came to Brisbane & it just made my year. The boys are great musicians & Marcus's voice can melt any woman. Great choice for Sunday Sessions.

  3. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of Mumford & Sons either but that's because my tastes are more towards pop than folk. Have a great week Cate!

  4. I've heard Mumford and Sons described as "1920s getaway music" and, on the arrival of their second album and lead single "I Will Wait" that "I like Mumford and Sons but they really need to write another song..."

    I've always felt that "I Will Wait" was "Little Lion Man" mark II, but "Lover of the Light" is a great tune that doesn't always sound like the typical M&S song...

    1. I haven't bought this album yet, thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I've never heard of Mumford & Sons. Not bad. I might check out their other stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I always select a theme song for the week on Sundays. I'd never heard of Mumford & Sons, so thanks for sharing. Now following your blog.


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