Friday 10 May 2013

day 10 | most embarrasing moment

Most embarrasing?

How about 34 weeks pregnant.

Sick, with an awful cough.

Busting to pee.

In the middle of the night.

Standing upright

And coughing.

Bye bye bladder control.



  1. Aw! Just commiserating ... :(. Hoping for better thingd for you soon.

  2. Oh dear! That combo was heading for trouble. Bad enough to be coughing and busting, but add a big baby into the mix and moments like this are inevitable. I once wrote a story on my most embarrassing moment. I was horrified at the time but can laugh at it now.
    When you find a spare moment can you please email me your address for Sian's big swap of little things. I left you my email in my previous comment. Thanks and all the best.


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