Thursday 27 June 2013

#baby5 | what's your name?

One of my favourite photos when I was pregnant with Riley (is now lost in my archives) was of my bump with names stuck all over it. It was something I knew I needed to do again, and I finally got around to doing it a couple of days ago (you might have seen it on instagram)

One of these is her name.

And seeing as I'm scheduling this for midnight my time, within 24 hours, you'll know what it is.


  1. Beautiful names but as I shared on IG I am pulling for Sophie. So exciting that she makes her appearance today!!!

  2. Ohhhhhh you cheeky thing really? Best of luck mumma for a calm birth, I can't wait to hear she has made her earthside appearance. Much love to you. X

  3. Hoping for safe and easy times for you both and that is a brilliantly conceived photo! Will be keeping my eyes peeled for news ...

  4. I've come in late and already know you chose the name Sophie, but I would have been voting for Fiona as it is my name too!

  5. Oh and I must add that I LOVE this idea for taking a photo with all the names. No more babies for me but I would have totally done that, even if I didn't share it till after the baby was born.


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