Wednesday 26 June 2013

looking up, looking down

I've tried to link up with Helena's clever look up, look down series before, but never quite managed it. But yesterday at the playground with the kids was the perfect opportunity. I wanted some last bump photos, from a different perspective.

gosh, now I remember why I don't wear black!
And then I looked up in front of me.

And spotted a big eucalyptus against a bright blue sky.


  1. Hello Cate, I am visiting from Helenas' look up/down meme. I just love this pair! Blue skies, a metaphor for the new baby's arrival maybe? I do hope so. Stay well. See you again.

  2. lovely to have you join in with looking up and down - and a totally unique down shot we haven't seen so far this year !!

  3. What a great set of up/down photos, Cate. Thinking of you this week... :o)

  4. LOVE the down photo, it will be gone today!


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