Monday 24 June 2013

hello monday {evening}

kids found a bird nesting in the tree outside the kitchen window
hello, end of a stressful day

hello, winter, you are well and truly here

hello, #baby5, you'll be in my arms by the end of this week

hello, school holidays, already the kids are being naughty

hello, stupidly-long to-do list, you're not going to be completed

hello, monday, the start of a new week


  1. Oh my goodness Cate, it's really happening - SOON!
    Your next week is going to look very different to this one. Hope all goes well and according to plan and I can't wait to see the photos of you new little baby girl.

  2. A big BIG week! Best baby wishes coming to you from way over here

  3. I am thinking of you and hoping for a happy and safe delivery for,you both :). And how many changes there will be this time next week! So looking forward to the day when you write that you feel well and no longer sick. ... Sending you warm energy and very best wishes.

  4. Sending hugs and wishes for the safe arrival of your new baby girl...make the most of the rest of the week
    Alison xx

  5. Big week - best of luck!

  6. Praying for an easy delivery, can't wait to see her picture, I think thoswe things not getting done will be just fine ;)


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