Wednesday 19 June 2013

#baby5 | 38 weeks | what's in the nappy bag?

I don't usually use a big, bulky nappy bag, especially when baby is small, but it's impossible to go outside the house without a little bit of organisation, and a few things for baby. Here's how I do it.

This is a cosmetics case I bought from Target. It has everything I need inside for those quick trips to the shops, and stays in the car so I'm ready in case of emergency.

It's small enough to not take up a lot of space, but big enough that there's a lot of stuff tucked away inside.

  1. nappy sacks for dirty nappies
  2. wipes
  3. bepanthen
  4. spare suit (I'll probably add another suit, just in case)
  5. disposable change mat
  6. four nappies
  7. clean blanket
  8. burp cloth and hat
  9. spare socks and singlet
  10. spare boob pads for mum
I'm got my eye on this bag on Etsy for when I need to carry more stuff.


  1. This is a fabulous! It's like a baby first aid kit for the car. Totally stealing this idea. Love that etsy bag too. Not long to go now xx

  2. I try to take as little as possible and I have never had a nappy specific bags. I have jut never ever being able to find something that suits my taste and style. So I've generally popped absolute bare minimums in a bag and left everything else in the car. I've always figured what's a quick trip back to the car. But sense I may need to find a bag this time with a four and two year old in tow too and their constant need to snack and take things with them.

    I see one of these posts in my future very, very soon. Looking forward to Sunday. X

  3. Compact but complete, I'd say. Are the weeks speeding by?

  4. You are very organised! Compact sounds good to me :). Are you feeling any better?

  5. Number 10 is an def essential! I can't believe the number of times I was caught short in that way!

  6. Great idea to keep in the car!
    Alison xx


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