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Friday, 14 June 2013

5 crazy mad things I'm going to do in the next 7 days

have a pedicure. As you can imagine, my feet are sore. I'd like someone to rub them and give them some pampering, just for a little while. And a splash of colour wouldn't go astray.

sew at least 1 fabric basket. Because I'd like somewhere to store nappies on my change table that looks a little nicer than in the packet.

sew at least one baby nightgown. Because I suddenly remembered freaking out at 2am in hospital when Riley was crying and I couldn't remember how to put a onesie on.

make tissue paper pom poms (and baby shower gifts). Because handmade gifts and decorations are awesome.

drink lots of hot tea. Because soon I'll be so busy I'll forget the cup is full, and I hate reheating tea!


  1. I like the idea of a pedicure. I plan on finally washing some baby clothes and packing my hospital bag.

    1. Lets not discuss the hospital bag - everything is washed, ready to go, but still sitting in the wash basket! Reality is, the only time I have ever been packed earlier than the day before was with #1!

  2. Ohmgoodness that's much more than I'd be doing but the tea and pedi sound glorious!

  3. Hoping you get that pedicure and a relax with lashings of hot tea. I love the nightgowns. I used these in preference, despite our freezing winters and house with no central heating at the time, to the Onesies (they had feet in, in our day) for our daughter when she was a baby, because I thought it was much nicer for a baby to feel its own skin.

  4. Pedicures at the end of pregnancy are awesome! Plus I had my toe nails painted, at least something looked pretty down that end of the labour bed! Enjoy hot cups of tea while you can xx

  5. Hope you've had that pedicure, Cate...and managed to relax with some tea in between all that sewing!
    Alison xx


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