Saturday 27 July 2013

It's time for a cup of tea

... or hot chocolate, because it is a cold winter evening

If you knocked on my door now, I'd greet you holding Sophie all bundled up. The kids have woken her up again - it's that time of night where they're tired and being naughty instead of settling quietly in front of the tv. In a few minutes, when Douglas has finished washing the dishes, we can send them downstairs with some dessert, and we'll have some quiet to chat.

I won't even mention that you should ignore the mess, if you know me well enough to visit, you know that "stuff" on the floor is part of my appeal, and you'll ignore it.

We'll leave Steve watching the tv, and sit to the kitchen table - it's funny how gatherings involve the kitchen in some way! But we'll still see a bit of Steve as the night goes on, he's best with Sophie when she needs to burp, so we'll be playing pass-the-baby.

The cat will probably come in to eat, and chances are nat and Riley will pop in and out, curious and showing off, tumbling over each other to talk to you and be seen. We won't see Douglas, he'll enjoy the uninterrupted tv time, or maybe he's earned his laptop back, so he's browsing YouTube.

There's a couple of banana choc chip muffins left, so I'll warm them up to have with our tea, I know you've got a sweet tooth, just like me (but we can pretend its good for us, it's got banana in it!)

Uh, oh, Sophie's nappy just exploded up her back. Steve is hopeless with mess and nappies, so I'll have to go and sort her out. Thanks for stopping by tonight, I've been so caught up in babyness, I forgot how good it is to talk to a grown up!

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  1. Hi Cate. What a lovely visit that was. Seeing Sophie was such a treat! your description was perfect and yes gatherings always do seem to happen in the kitchen don't they! Thanks for joining in this month.

  2. I love the description of home life here - it might not be tidy or predictable but it's cosy and lovely :D And a warm muffin and hot chocolate sounds divine...

  3. How lovely to meet Sophie properly today! I love this description of how your family is adjusting to its newest member.

  4. Sophie is a sweety but I will hand her back for that special nappy change!

  5. The banana choc muffins sound delightful, especially in a warm kitchen with all these lovely comings and goings of the family. Can I have a little hold of Sophie? (After the nappy change!).

  6. Oh pass her over to me...She is lovely and a hot chocolate and banana muffin at your kitchen table sounds perfect.

  7. What a lovely visit...a real sense of family going-ons

  8. Oh, you will have to let me do the burping but I promise I will quickly hand her over and say my goodbyes as she needs the changing, don't miss that at all!

  9. Great visit - I was excusing the mess too but yours is totally understandable and you have some gorgeous little excuses :0)

  10. I love visiting families where they are truly families and life just goes with the flow, sounds just like our house and there are only 4 of us in it! Thanks for the hot chocolate


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